Are you benchmarking your customer experience?

It shouldn’t come as earth-shattering news to anyone that the experiences customers have when interacting with a business have a major impact on satisfaction, and ultimately the company’s survival. Before you can effectively manage customer experience though, you need to know where your organization stands today. The old adage, “You can’t manage what you don’t measure”, still applies.

One good way of measuring current performance is through a formalized benchmarking process. A major benefit of benchmarking, especially when it’s provided by an external party, is understanding how you stack up against your industry peers (a.k.a. competitors). Where do you excel? Where do you need to improve?
Benchmarking gives you information on specific areas in your operation needing improvement. Armed with this knowledge, you focus your efforts where they make the most impact. I noticed that Nuance is offering a free kit on customer experience benchmarking. The kit contains two short (less than 15 minutes) on-demand presentations and a self-assessment. The first presentation covers the basics of customer experience benchmarking. The second one gets into understanding caller behavior. 
They provide some good tips in the presentations. For example, when benchmarking IVR success rates use total call volume for the center as the input, not just call volume for the IVR. Doing it this way shows the percentage of total calls handled successfully by the IVR. This is a better indicator of the return provided by the IVR system. The other calculation gives the percentage of callers opting-out of the IVR to speak with a live agent. This is useful information too, but it’s more indicative of IVR application performance than the systems success in lowering live agent call volumes.
Download Benchmarking Your Customer Experience to get the kit and gain access to other benchmarking resources.

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