Best Practices for Contact Center Agent Coaching

Retaining and growing a base of satisfied customers is the name of the game. In today’s global internet-based marketplace, customers have very high expectations and can find their next vendor with just a few mouse clicks. The challenge for modern contact center managers and supervisors is in determining how to identify customer satisfaction deficiencies and provide agent targeted coaching to improve on those deficiencies.

There are a number of best practices that should be deployed to maximize coaching effectiveness which will lead to increased customer satisfaction:

1) Establish a technology framework for doing agent level customer satisfaction analysis.  This framework would include 100% Call Recording, Post Call Survey, Speech Analytics.  The combination enables you to effectively monitor agent performance
2) Modifying your quality assurance review forms to gain greater insights into your customer’s thoughts. Some items to include on the form are polling questions
3) Perform a dissatisfied customer analysis to identify sources of customer frustration.  Periodic Analysis or ‘Deep Dives’ help to discover focus areas to improve customer experience and satisfaction
4) Build a consistent coaching framework that insures coverage and follow-up. 
 •Agents need specifics both in terms of coaching and improvement planning
  –What was done well/poorly with examples (recordings linked to CSAT/QA)
  –What needs to be improved and by when
 • Agents need to be coached in a consistent timeframe and with consistent and tracked follow up (3-5 times per month)
5) Close the loop with example based eLearning to include:
 -Positive and Negative Examples which help drive effective agent learning
 -The ability to annotate recordings with commentary makes the lesson more meaningful
 -The ability to tie the examples back to CSAT surveys makes the lesson more customer relevant

In addition, online quizzes insure that the lessons are retained by the agent and provide feedback for further study. These examples use your call recording repository to deliver high impact results for agents

In an upcoming June 3rd webcast, Agent Coaching for Customer Satisfaction: Best Practices, Ralph Barletta, President and co-founder of Knoah Solutions, will discuss these best practices.



One comment

  1. Consistent coaching frame work can mold agent to provide efficient and quality customer service and I agree with this. Online quizzes could be useful for them to be productive on the floor. Establish a good relationship with agents and supports. Be open with agents suggestion and ideas wherein it can increase the level of performance and relation in both sides. Basically these techniques are used mostly with call center industry, and its a good thing that we do have this articles for us to internalize if what are the things that we need to change and improve.


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