Fundamentals of Contact Center Analytics

A recent white paper from Verint paints both a grim and a rosy picture of today’s contact center. It seems that they are facing both the best and worst of times.

The Good News: Research firm COLLOQUY has estimated that U.S. membership in loyalty/rewards programs reached 1.3 billion by the fourth quarter of 2006, while Gartner forecasts that the customer relationship management industry will grow by 14.2 percent this year, with revenue surpassing $8.9 billion U.S. These projections represent a significant corporate commitment to — and investment in — their customers.

The Bad News: Customer satisfaction has eroded steadily. A recent Web-based survey by Ventana Research showed that only 56 percent of the 250 respondents from around the globe measured customer satisfaction with the handling of calls, and that nearly half (49 percent) said their customers are less than satisfied with the results of their calls.

One Company’s Solution
Many businesses work hard to stay connected with their customers. Loyalty programs and CRM systems play an important role in customer retention, but they may not be enough to sustain, let alone grow, a customer base in challenging times, say the authors of a new white paper from Varint. Organizations need more powerful solutions in their customer satisfaction arsenal — solutions that can capitalize on customer data they already collect.

Verint, a leader in analytics-driven workforce optimization, says that its solutions are designed to help organizations capture this customer intelligence, uncover business trends, discover the root cause of employee and customer behavior, and optimize the customer experience across contact center, branch, and back-office operations.

The new white paper focuses on the three pillars of the company’s contact center analytics solution:

Speech Analysis—processing from audio to data, then refining and analyzing the data to make it actionable,

Data Analysis—finding the root cause of customer behavior, and

Customer Feedback—capturing the voice of the customer.

These solutions, the authors say, can significantly help call centers mine customer interactions for actionable information on opinions, product and service issues, and competitive intelligence.

By sharing this insight across the enterprise, Varint adds, contact centers can enhance the service they offer, more effectively drive revenue and contain costs, better coach and manage their staff, and deliver greater value to their parent organizations.

Contact center analytics offer organizations the opportunity to gain deep insight into the concerns and sentiments of their customers. But the benefits and return on investment of contact center analytics can be increased further still, Varint contends.

Combined with a unified workforce optimization solution suite, Varint says, contact center analytics can add powerful functionality that offers unprecedented insight into contact center operations and can extend into other areas of the enterprise, including branch, remote, and back-office operations.

Varint cites its Impact 360 Workforce Optimization solution as an example of a unified suite. In addition to speech-and-data analytics and customer feedback capabilities, the suite includes solutions for quality monitoring and recording, workforce management, performance management, and eLearning.

Separately, these individual solutions have value in the contact center, Verint says, but when deployed together under a unified framework, they offer organizations analytics-driven workforce optimization — a new way to improve their entire customer service delivery network. For more information on contact center analytics read the white paper




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Fundamentals of Contact Center Analytics

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