Reducing Average Handle Time: A Step-by-Step Approach Using Speech Analytics

The financial impact of Average Handle Time (AHT) ensures it will always be a key call center metric, but since there can be many reasons for AHT to increase, identifying and managing those critical issues has been a difficult task.   Speech analytics offers a fast and easy solution.  Speech analytics can help you manage AHT by showing which topics and agents have the longest handle times. Further drill down analysis can identify not just the category, but the specific issue within that category that is causing AHT to increase. For example, if calls relating to a new product are producing an extended AHT, speech analytics can help show that a rebate associated with a new product is not clearly defined, and agents lack the proper information to resolve the issue. By using speech analytics, customers can quickly target where agent and business process improvements can be made.
A speech analytics system with robust reporting capabilities allows users to:

1)  Identify key call drivers and business processes that are creating an increased AHT

2)  Use talk time distribution reports that can identify calls that lie outside the mean time

3)  Uncover agents with the lowest AHT and develop best practices based on their success

4)  Compare AHT performance across sites, teams and even individual agents and target coaching to those most in need

By using a proven methodology for managing AHT through speech analytics, call centers can achieve a demonstrable return on investment.  If you are interested in learning more about this topic, register for Nexidia’s upcoming webinar:  Reducing Average Handle Time:  A Step-by-Step Approach Using Speech Analytics.

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