Economical Training Room Solution

Tables powered by Connect2
Interior Concepts Connect2 Powered Tables
In training rooms, computers are often housed on tables, leaving a mess of cables and cords. For a more functional solution considered powered tables for training spaces.

A powered table is an economical power solution that is easy to install and reconfigure. Tables powered by Connect2 do not require hardwiring to building power. The system does require connection to a 20-Amp Plus (5-20 T-Slot or 5-20) and 6 tables and be connected per power feed. The power on the tables is UL Listed as a Manufactured Wiring System.

Using powered tables can help reduce costs during the construction phase of a call center because powered tables can reduce or eliminate floor outlets. The elimination of power blocks may offset the cost of the tables.

Powered tables allow changes to room configurations as demands change. The tables are easy to disconnect and move around as needed. Be ready and waiting to train your team with powered tables that accommodate computers, laptops, phones, or anything else requiring power.

Visit the website for more information or a space plan for your training room:

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