Back-Office Inefficiencies Register with Customers and Reflect in the Bottom Line

Blind spots to back-office performance – due to a lack of proven processes for managing multiple types of tasks consistently and efficiently – can cost an organization more than productivity. Contact center interactions may leave customers delighted, but processing delays, billing errors and other inefficiencies can sabotage even the most positive experience. To contain the financial risk of customer attrition, you need to reduce the considerable costs of suboptimal staffing.

“What If?” Insights Guide Better Decisions

Forecasting,  back office and call center scheduling, and tracking both the number and qualifications of employees required to effectively run a back office can increase productivity and in turn, support customer positivity. A solution that offers full workforce optimization capabilities – including workforce management, performance management and quality management – improves strategic planning by allowing you to schedule and maintain both the right number and types of back-office employees.

The best solution features automated analytics that use predictive modeling to test different scenarios, allowing you to quickly identify the optimal staff and resource configuration to meet an exact set of business needs. A sophisticated suite of flexible forecasting and scheduling capabilities can also handle different response times for different types of work. You can more easily balance staff with transaction demands whether you’re confronting expected staffing changes or the inevitable, unforeseen challenges.

Empowering and Rewarding Employee Performance

Effective performance management can also increase employees’ – as well as customers’ experience. A robust automated software solution for the back office measures workers’ productivity, including the number and duration of tasks handled and the amount of time spent in productive versus unproductive activities. Dashboards and other reports compare outcomes to preset, targeted values for key performance indicators. When results fall short, automated capabilities alert supervisors and initiate online coaching that provides remedial instruction, empowering employees’ self-development through immediate, consistent guidance.

Giving employees the option to bid on preferred shifts and request schedule changes, within selected parameters, is another perk that can elevate morale and retention. The business also benefits from the lower administrative costs and increased efficiency of automated schedule changes and notices delivered through email and screen pops.

Increasing Workforce Efficiencies through Unified Communications-Enabled Solutions

Advanced workforce optimization solutions deploy unified communications (UC) and collaboration software technologies to deliver increasing gains in workforce efficiencies through faster problem identification and resolution. Embedded user presence, empowered by UC, allows workers to quickly find and connect with the most appropriate resources. With a highly versatile contact and collaboration tools at their disposal – including instant message (IM), email or voice calls – more efficient issue management and resolution is just a few clicks away.

Automated workforce optimization solutions can increase the productivity of back-office operations and decrease costs. They empower and improve your employees’ performance through automated coaching and self-managed scheduling options. What’s more, they can be easily integrated using industry standard technologies to create a truly global view of operations.

The ultimate reward, though, is reduced customer call-backs and consistently quicker, more accurate response to queries. Your organization is equipped to cultivate loyalty through long-term satisfaction without adding resources or budget.

Learn more about back-office solutions for identifying and maintaining optimal staffing and increasing operational performance. On Wednesday, May 13, from 1:00-2:00 pm Eastern, Aspect will present the webinar, Don’t Turn Your Back on the Back Office: A Guide to Effectively Achieving More with Less, led by Brett Williams, Director of Product Management, Aspect Software.

Registration is free and everyone is welcome to attend.

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