How Are Your Partners Handling Your Customers

Companies invest time, money and effort to build brands and implement quality standards with one goal in mind: to enhance the customer experience and t drive customer acquisition and retention. But when you hire a partner, you give up a measure of control over your brand and service.

In an ideal world, your partner’s performance goals and strategies would be perfectly aligned with your own.  The reality, however, is that your partners have their own financial goals and operational challenges. There will always be gaps between what you want in terms of reporting and performance and what your partner is willing or able to provide.

The bottom line is that it can be very challenging to extract the information you need to identify problems, compare performance across internal and partner teams, optimize your customer’s end-to-end experience and your end-to-end cost, and extract business intelligence from customer interactions handled by your partners.

A new white paper entitled “How Are Your Partners Handling Your Customers?” from Raytheon BBN Technologies examines partners that provide outsourced agent services and those that provide outsourced IVRs. These partners offer different services, yet they create the same types of challenges for call centers. Whether you hire a partner for agent services, IVR services, or both, the unavoidable dynamics of partner relationships will impact transparency, alignment, service quality and cost efficiency.

The white paper describes AVOKE® Caller Experience Analytics, a “cloud computing” solution that BBN says provides the quick and simple delivery of data and insights about a center’s actual caller experiences to operational management and strategic decision makers.

This white paper addresses three key issues:

How to improve visibility into how partners are handling your customers

BBN’s solution consists of the AVOKE® Call Browser and AVOKE® Caller Experience Methodology. The browser captures the entire call, including transfers, all IVR automation and all outsourcing partners. The methodology, according to BBN, provides a repeatable framework for synthesizing quantified actions plans from your callers’ actual interactions.

How to solve common problems with partner centers and partner IVRs

The AVOKE browser combines call data, IVR navigation, dialing-to-hang-up audio recordings, and an automated full-text transcription in a single interactive environment. Search and data views enable discovery of patterns with a drill-down to specific locations in the recording to understand caller intent and behavior.

How a new approach to analytics makes partners transparent, with no new hardware, software, or integration requirements

Using BBN “cloud computing” technology, the AVOKE call browser is integrated into the telephone network, not in the data center. Companies no longer have to purchase costly software, licenses, new servers, complex implementation consulting, highly customized integrations, and ongoing IT maintenance and support.

BBN says its solution addresses two critical needs: managing and enhancing the caller experience and driving strategic process improvement. Both require an end-to-end view of caller experience, which is provided by the AVOKE® Call Browser system.

You can downlod the complete white paper “How Are Your Partners Handling Your Customers?”

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