Contact Center Coaching Best Practices: Outstanding Agents Strengthen Your Brand

Call center coaching is a highly effective tactical activity that has powerful strategic implications for contact centers.

At a fundamental level, coaching is a supervisory function that has a direct and immediate positive impact on agent performance. It also plays an important role in agent satisfaction and retention, as it shows that managers value their contributions. From a strategic perspective, coaching improves service quality and the overall customer experience. It also improves agent productivity and reduces operating expenses by teaching agents to perform tasks and respond to inquiries more effectively. However, the most significant contribution from coaching is one that is often difficult to measure: its impact on customers and the company’s brand. 

Happy agents bring a level of energy to their job that is reflected in their how they treat customers; they make callers want to do business with a company that employs such highly satisfied and dedicated employees. Implementing a winning coaching program requires commitment, dedication, best practices and the ability to deliver it fairly and consistently on an institutionalized basis.

Coaching is the process of providing agents with  feedback about their performance; generally customized to address a specific situation and delivered on a personalized basis in person or by a system. Coaching is considered the most effective method for training adults, particularly when the session is delivered in real or near-real time.

A new white paper from DMG Consulting,  Contact Center Coaching Best Practices: Outstanding Agents Strengthen Your Brand sponsored by Knowlagent, addresses four best practices that lead to more successful coaching programs.

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