Contact Centers Should Own the Social Media Channel

Companies are struggling with onslaught of social media content that relates directly to the customer experience.   Organizing this content so that customer comments and questions can be responded to and analyzed in an orderly and timely manner has become a major challenge.   Issues  such as who owns this responsibility within the enterprise, what channels/blogs do you monitor, how do you maintain control over your corporate brand and image are just some of the questions that demand answers  in today’s  rapidly changing world of customer communications.  

Some people claim that the contact center is designed to meet the demands of these rapidly emerging social media channels.   If so, practical guidelines for setting up your contact center to handle social media from routing to reporting, monitoring to coaching, and staffing to training are needed. 

 On April 22nd George Despinic , Global  Contact Center Marketing Manager, Siemens Enterprise Communications, will make this argument that this activity should be handled by your contact center in a webcast called “A Practical Guide to Implementing Social Media as a Customer Care Channel”.    George will provide guidance on how to effectively implement a winning social media strategy within the contact center. 

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