Be careful! Don’t Let New Technologies Negatively Impact the Customer Experience

New standards and technologies such as SIP, virtualization, cloud services and more that many customer care professionals anticipate will enable them to operate their contact centers more efficiently and enhance the customer experience may not be living up to expectations.

There are many variables when integrating these new technologies that can affect how they work under different workloads.  Adding to the complexity is the emerging of a variety of customer contact points such as web self-service and outbound proactive contact, which need to be integrated into contact management systems.  The user needs to know if these technologies are performing smoothly and efficiently from the customer perspective.   There are ways to assure these technologies work in order to deliver the best possible experience before customers use new or recently upgraded technologies.  One way is to deliver cost-effective, managed performance validation services that are automated and therefore repeatable, reproducible and remotely delivered through the PSTN and Internet just like customer transactions.
For more information on this topic, Mike Burke, CTO & VP of Consulting for IQ services will discuss comprehensive call center testing methods for ensuring customers have the best possible experiences when new technologies are deployed in his webcast on April 20th called ”Don’t Sacrifice the Quality of Customer Interactions for the Sake of New Technology”.   He will also discuss methodologies for detecting flaws in new technology that impact customer interactions and performance issues.  

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