What Were the Top Reasons for Employee Turnover in 2009?

In an earlier posting, we revealed information about the average wages for contact center employees in 2009.  Now we’ll look at another key finding from our 2009 Contact Center Recruiting and Compensation Survey:   the top reasons for employee turnover in 2009.

About 46% of center leaders reported that at least one-half of their monthly attrition is voluntary (see Figure 2). Nearly 34% of respondents reported a voluntary attrition rate below 20%. Compared to 2008 results, 2009 voluntary turnover is consistently lower, suggesting the possibility that contact center employees are more reluctant to leave their positions in a sluggish economic environment. Another potential factor that could account for the difference between 2008 and 2009 results is that last year’s participants included approximately 74% more outsourcers. Of those agents who leave, roughly 19% do so for Personal Reasons, followed by Job Abandonment, Scheduling Conflicts, Poor Job Fit, and Relocation, respectively (see Figure 3).   

Read our earlier post to learn more about the Contact Center leaders who participated in our survey.

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