Today’s Next-Generation Desktop and Process Analytics

Global organizations often have little to no visibility into the non-phone based activities and processes that take place in their contact centers and broader customer service operations. And often times, it shows. The lack of visibility leads to such questions as:

•How can you know whether your agents and personnel are following the right processes?
•How effective and efficient is workflow across your customer service operation?
•Do employees’ maximize the vast number of applications available to them?
•Are these tools easy to use, or a hindrance?

Finding the answers to these questions may be easier than you realize – just look at your employees’ desktops.

Industry analyst firm DMG Consulting LLC specializes in contact centers and real-time analytics. It projects that desktop analytics will begin to see increased adoption in 2010/2011.1 Defined  as “an automated and systemic approach to monitor, capture, structure, analyze, report and react to all agent desktop activity and process workflows,” DMG views the desktop analytics market as a valuable component of the analytically-enabled contact center.2 “It delivers actionable results and recommendations for both contact center and back-office operating areas that, if addressed, can yield significant cost savings, improved quality and a better overall customer experience,” comments Donna Fluss, president, DMG Consulting.

Desktop analytics is a high-value application that is increasingly considered a component of workforce optimization suites.”

Desktop and Process Analytics can:

•Serve as the catalyst for change and improvement in contact center and back-office operations processes.
•Reveal the power of an automated, systematic approach to monitor, capture, structure, and analyze employee desktop activity.
•Gain new views into agent and system behaviors, process workflow, and performance metrics to improve efficiency, effectiveness, compliance, and external customer impact.
•Provide valuable insight, enabling rapid response to issues, changes, and anomalies in staff workflow, routing, re-work, and closures.
•Identify and multiply the successful behaviors of your top performers through best-practice process guidance.

Through CRMXchange, Verint® Witness Actionable Solutions® will host a webcast entitled, “Find Out How to Manage and Maximize What You Measure with Today’s Next-Generation Desktop and Process Analytics” on April 13 at 1 p.m. ET.

1 DMG Consulting LLC, 2009/2010 Quality Management/Liability Recording (Workforce Optimization) Product and Market Report
2 DMG Consulting LLC, 2009 Contact Center Analytics: Emerging Customer Experience Analytics and Desktop Analytics Solutions Report

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