Improving Agent Performance Critical to Customer Experience: Sprint’s Example

For eighcustomer satisfactiont straight quarters Sprint has improved its overall customer experience. The improvement in Sprint’s customer satisfaction scores, according to third-party studies, is a result of introducing its best-ever handset lineup with Android phones HTC Hero and Samsung Moment, simplifying cell phone plans with Any Mobile, AnytimeSM and Everything Data, and offering 4G service in 27 markets.



All of these new products, plans and services create a complex and ever-changing customer service environment. Consequently, a key part of Sprint’s success in improving critical measurements such as first call resolution of customer issues and calls per subscriber, has been the performance of its Care agents. The technology and training Sprint’s Care agents receive play a big role in Sprint’s industry-leading pace of customer service improvements. The goal is to ensure agents always have access to the training they need to continue improving interactions with Sprint customers.


As part of that effort, the company is partnering with Knowlagent, a leading provider of call center talent management solutions, to deploy technology that delivers training directly to call center agents’ desktops during periods of time when there is excess agent availability between calls.


Sprint says that its agents continue to get better in areas that are critical to its business, such as first call resolution and customer satisfaction. The company has dramatically improved the productivity of its agents and the Knowlagent technology enables agents to promptly receive the information and training they need in order to respond to and better serve customers.


Since January, Sprint agents and supervisors have already completed more than 3,400 hours of training.


Read Sprint’s Press Release


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