Your Customers are Talking about You. Are You Listening?,

The complexity of managing the customer experience has grown exponentially since the Netscape browser became available to all users in 1994.  With the internet, everything is connected and interacting with your brand and is simply a browser click away. Today, customer interaction can take place through a web browser, retail store, contact center and even through social media. As a result, capturing and sharing customer interaction data has never been easier the hard part is figuring out where to start.

Customers can quickly jump between channels; from comparing products or reviewing a bill on your website, to logging a complaint to touching the product in a store. And everyday more customers are making their feelings known indirectly via word of mouth technologies on the web. With the widespread adoption of these interactive social media applications, customer sentiment is becoming more and more transparent to both impressionable prospects as well as the business itself.

More  than 90% of consumers engage in some sort of multichannel behavior.  Unfortunately organizations have been unable to collectively neither understand the customer interactions nor compile them in a way that can be shared with decision-making groups throughout the business.

Organizations have been able to collect, consolidate and analyze transactional data for years. Although a great deal of information can be captured from customer feedback surveys, call recordings of contact center calls and focus groups,  the information is often incomplete, time consuming to process or biased towards the communication channel being used. A complete understanding of customer intent and sentiment cannot be realized until interactions from all direct and indirect channels have been included in the analysis.

Fortunately, advances in computing have changed the game, making it possible to harness interactions into collective patterns of understanding. Leading organizations are now able to view interactions collectively, independent of channel, for a comprehensive picture of their customer interactions and relationships. Moving beyond disparate customer interaction data is the first step in becoming channel-agnostic and identifying the true insights that will impact your business.

The Autonomy white paper, Your Customers are Talking about You. Are You Listening?, will outline a strategy for leveraging the collective data from customer interactions for your organization.

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