2010 Agent Performance Optimization Market Key Trends

Agent Call Center Performance Optimization tools are a set of applications that seek to increase agent effectiveness, reduce workforce costs and improve service levels. These tools allow contact center managers to plan schedules, forecast agent requirements, measure agent performance, analyze results and improve outcomes.

Call Recording/Logging and Quality Monitoring (QM) software allows users to record, retrieve, analyze and improve agent/customer interactions.  These recordings are being increasingly used to capture intelligence that is of interest to within the contact center as well as the enterprise. This intelligence provides greater insight into customer behavior and the means of improving the customer experience.

Call Center Workforce Management (WFM) is a forecasting tool used to estimate call volume based on historical patterns. It uses data from ACD and CTI statistics servers to maintain and monitor appropriate levels of customer interaction processing by optimizing staffing schedules.

According to Frost and Sullivan, 2010 Agent Performance Optimization Market Key Trends the most striking development in the Agent Performance Optimization marketplace in the last couple of years has been the growth of enhanced applications that do more than simple recording and scheduling.  Some of these enhanced tools serve to fill in operational gaps in contact center management. One who uses basic call recording and QM may require a way to distribute the quality findings and make sure that problems found are addressed. Many  of these functions have been added as modules to standard QM and WFM products.

The tools that are most prominent in this category include Performance Management systems, Speech Analytics, Desktop Screen Analytics, and other kinds of Analytics for contact centers, and simulation/scenario building tools for planning. These tools, allow management to communicate the value of the contact center to decision-makers in the executive suite.

Analytics tools provide insight into the kinds of processes that can help extend customer longevity. Since performance and cost control is paramount in this environment, analytics that involve data, web and speech processing and event notification are gaining in importance across contact centers.


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