Reducing Handle Time By Leveraging Agent Desktop Data

Are you systems operating as efficiently as possible?  You have invested in coaching, training and quality monitoring programs, yet, your best agents still outperform your average agents by 20-50%, so your average handle time still hovers at its current number. The “ million dollar question”  is why.

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) and the Mississippi Department of Economic Security(MDES) have established a contact center lab that is available to the industry for the purpose of equipment testing, beta testing, comparison testing and product review.  The results of the test become the property of the company or companies that provide the grant that funds the test.

On March 4th, Paul Stockford, President, Saddletree Research will give an update on data trends from the latest National Association of Call Centers (NACC) at The University of Southern Mississippi research survey.  He will also explore how agent desktop activity can provide data that can help identify exactly why your best agents are best so you can share these best practices for immediate performance gains. 

In the past, most technologies and programs have been not able to paint a complete and accurate picture of call center agent performance.  However, with newer technologies that provide information from the agent desktop, management can now uncover hidden productivity issues that drive handle time and hurt your bottom line. These technologies can now analyze data from agent desktops can also expose system problems that effect productivity.



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