Four Hot Trends for 2010 to Save Time and Money in the Contact Center

In an era where contact centers are often undermanned and under funded, managers need to get the job done with fewer resources despite ever increasing demands on their time.  For the year 2010, there are quite a few practical as well as actionable contact center trends and technologies that are helping managers save money and time.

Some of these “hot trends” include: 

 –Contact Center Analytics-The value of speech analytics, desktop analytics and customer feedback to lower the time spent doing QA while increasing its effectiveness

Multi-Channel Contact Centers – Efficient deployment of voice, chat, email and self service channels can significantly lower overall contact rates and costs while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty. As more mobile device driven consumers are demanding these additional channels, contact centers must be equipped to respond to ensure their company’s success.

Proactive Customer Care Initiatives – Low cost, automated outbound IVR, email and SMS can be used to head off customer issues before they become a problem. Proactive customer service changes the cost dynamics while greatly improving service.

Integrated Tools For Quality Management – There is a growing need for integrated, efficient and cost-effective quality management tools that support the needs of contact center managers and supervisors as they work to consistently provide an outstanding customer experience. Minor improvements in efficiency through tools can add up to less headaches and lower costs to support already overworked managers.

Analyst Donna Fluss, DMG Consulting will present a live webcast on these issues.  She welcomes anyone that is interested in this topic to attend.


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