Greening of the Contact Center – Go Green With Call Center Furniture

When furnishing your call center, certain call center cubicles and call center furniture can help in the ‘greening’ of the contact center. Here’s how.

MAS certified GreenLEED Standards
Selecting MAS Certified Green call center cubicles and other furniture can help to create a greener call center. MAS Certified Green furniture meets the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) indoor air quality standards after rigorous product testing. It is approved as a low-emitting furniture system by compliance with the BIFMA X7.1 Furniture Emissions Standards which addresses Total Volatile Organic Compounds (TVOC’s), Formaldehyde, and other targeted compounds.

Why is this important?
The use of call center furniture that meets this standard will contribute to a better indoor environment. Many of today’s airtight/energy-efficient buildings operate on minimal amount of outside make-up air – which can result in increased indoor VOC concentrations. This condition combined with lower ventilation rates, higher occupant densities and greater use of chemicals in interior furnishings often translates into more reported allergen problems, odor complaints and sick building issues. Use of low-VOC and formaldehyde emitting (BIFMA compliant) furniture will serve to reduce these types of problems.

Product Lifecycle Considerations
In the definition of sustainability, often overlooked is the product lifecycle. Product lifecycle is important because a furniture system with a longer lifecycle needs to be replaced less often than more expendable products. This means that the impact on the environment is reduced because the less natural resources are consumed overall. Remember that just because a furniture product is “green” does not necessarily mean that it’s sustainable. Look for furniture with an extended warranty to ensure a longer lifecycle.

Green furniture


What is your company doing to lessen it’s environmental impact? Recently we replaced our the light fixtures in our manufacturing facility with energy efficiant fluorescents and we will be recycled the old fixtures by taking them apart for scrap. Not only was the good for the environment by reducing our energy consumption, it also will greatly reduce the cost to light our facility. 

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