The Value of Improving your Strategic Planning Process

Twenty years ago, the contact center industry was greatly improved through the application of a mathematical modeling tool now commonly known as  contact center workforce management. We found that computers and mathematics could do a better job of determining agent schedules than we could do by hand or using a spreadsheet. It had long been thought that this modeling technology has run its course and that we have captured all of those contact center workforce management benefits. But we’re not done yet.

While all of these mathematical models are interesting, what is more interesting is what you can do with these technologies.  Contact center operations that have improved their planning technologies have the ability to answer quickly and optimally, a host of critical real-world business questions such as:

–How do I best manage my variable shrinkage?
–How do I plan, given my forecasts are completely unstable?
–Given the seasonality of call volumes, handle times, sick time, and attrition, when and which groups should we hire into?
–If  my handle times or volumes continue to change, what does that do to my staffing requirements, and more importantly, my hiring/overtime/undertime/variable shrinkage plans?

It has now been proven that applying algorithmic technologies, similar to those deployed twenty years ago to strategic planning, can yield significant staff savings yet again.  Bay Bridge Decision Technologies is holding an open webcast to discuss how WFM technologies can be applied to strategic planning.

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