Maximizing Your Contact Center Workforce Management Software In a SaaS Environment

Software as a Service (SaaS), especially hosted call center solutions, enables software to be delivered over the internet and has been available for over ten years. It has gained wide acceptance in the marketplace. 

Research has found that over 90% of SaaS users are satisfied with their solutions. Companies are investing in SaaS at double digit rates because of the low cost of implementation. Marketing firm IDC projected that 76% of U.S. companies would invest in at least one SaaS application by year end 2009. Ninety percent of respondents in a 2008 Gartner survey stated they planned to increase or maintain their SaaS technologies.

Before deciding on any software solution, take into account all aspects of in-house installations and compare costs and benefits to a hosted application. After initial purchase, there are associated fees with an in-house installation involving licensing, customization, development, deployment, maintenance, monitoring, support, and upgrades.

The Pipkins White Paper "Maximizing Your Contact Center Workforce Management Software In a SaaS Environment" discusses the many benefits of SaaS.

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