Social CRM: The New Frontier of Marketing, Sales and Service

Consumers are increasingly active users of social media sites, and they also view such sites as purveyors of important and trusted information on companies, products and brands in
which they are interested.  Companies that recognize, embrace and integrate  social CRM and social media strategy  into their customer facing operations for marketing, sales and service are better positioned to simultaneously improve their consumer experience while reducing the cost of marketing, selling and delivering service.

From a marketing and sales perspective, companies should embrace the same social media sites their customers use, and use those sites to both create dialogues, get customer feedback, assist with customers with their purchase decisions, and mine sites for information on what customers are saying about the company and its products. New tools that enable the amalgamation and analysis of a wider range of quantitative and qualitative data will be a key enabler in this regard.

Accenture’s new white paper "Social CRM: The New Frontier of Marketing, Sales and Service" discusses how a comprehensive social media strategy presents opportunities to enhance customer interaction, connect more tightly with the customer. 


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