“Personalization” – New Hot Area for Speech Self Service?

The integration of self speech service applications into an IVR system has become the norm rather than the exception in today’s environment primarily due to the cost saving and the efficiencies they are generating for companies and the high level of customer satisfaction they are achieving for their customers.  Daniel Hong, Lead Analyst at Ovum, believes that the next hot area for these applications promises to provide us with a bevy of significant improvements which should continue to improve cost savings and the level of customer satisfaction.

According to Hong, the ability to integrate relevant data from various sources such as enterprise data, interaction history, and contextual data  within the enterprise, called “Personalization” or “Personalized IVR” by some vendors, promises significant benefits for the companies using it for applications such as  intelligent call routing, order status, and billing.  Selecting an integration framework based on factors such as quality of service, database vendor compatibility, data orchestration needs, and the velocity of data changes are keys to creating a personalized IVR.    Daniel will be presenting his findings and introducing a personalized IVR model that can be used as a framework for creating intelligent applications in the in the upcoming webcast ”Personalized  IVR-Turning Information into Intelligence” to be held at 1pm eastern on February 11th at http://www.crmxchange.com/webcast/personal_IVR/voxifyfeb10.asp  

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