Save Money on Call Center Wiring and Cabling

Installation of voice and data cabling can be a significant cost when building or designing a call center. Selecting a call center furniture system with an easy to use wire management system can significantly lower the cabling installation costs, as well as make it easier for IT to update or change components down the road.

The Interior Concepts furniture system utilizes a Chase Wire Management System. The Chase system is hidden behind sliding doors and has more cable capacity compared to other systems on the market. The system also has the ability to be hard wired to the building electrical system.

Typical Call Center Cubicles with Poor Wire Management

Poor Wire Management

Interior Concepts Call Center Agent Desktop Cubicles with Chase Wire Management

Interior Concepts Chase Wire Management System
With the Chase system, all cables, cords, outlets, and jacks store neatly behind sliding doors, keeping worksurfaces and floors clutter-free, cutting installation time by 25-30%, and reducing cabling and contractor costs by up to 40%.

New Horizons Communications, Inc. based in Scottsdale, AZ, provides voice & data cabling in the southwest. According to company founder, Russ Moak, "We have used the Interior Concepts furniture system with the Chase Wire Management System on many projects. We find the Chase system extremely easy to use, thus expediting the completion of projects and reducing the labor time and cost significantly. We especially like working with the larger power poles (vertical chase) and the raceway path in this system."

Russ has over 25 years in the telecommunications industry and notes that other systems use smaller power poles and raceways that make the fit of cables extremely tight. This adds much more time and labor cost because the raceways in other systems are hard to snap in place. "We find the Chase system the most effective in ease of use, reduced labor hours, and it provides a safer working environment and the most professional look in cubicle areas."

The chase system not only saves money during installation, but it has an out of sight out of mind effect on agents, allowing the cords and cables to be protected while IT has easy access. The Chase system is also available with locks.

New Horizons Communications, Inc.

Interior Concepts, Inc.


  1. Networking requires more in call center… Make money more and more… Thanks for sharing this link…


  2. Many companies use very basic styles for call center furniture, that is because with the call center software the employees do not need much to get the job done!


  3. Selecting a call center furniture system with an easy to use wire management system can significantly lower the cabling installation costs.



  4. interesting Interior Concepts..if furniture system with an easy to use wire management system can significantly lower the cabling installation costs then companies must use it..

    Sofa Manufacturer Chesterfield


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