Unified Agent Desktop

Unified Agent Desktop


A unified desktop seeks to condense required call processing information onto a single desktop application and organize the sequencing of screens to coincide with workflow. Demand is growing for these products primarily due to the importance of first contact resolution (FCR).


Prior to the use of unified agent desktops,  improving FCR often came at the expense of increased handing time, as agents needed to search through myriad data sources and/or consult with others in order to resolve the call. Similarly, pressure to close sales or generate leads requires more time and more work processes. In highly market-oriented companies, agents are also expected to learn and report valuable marketing information like competitive actions, campaign effectiveness, and customer satisfaction drivers. In order to accomplish all this and still keep costs under control agents need ready access to critical information and streamlined workflows. 


For managers wishing to explore the application of unified desktops in their contact centers, Dick Bucci, Senior Consultant for the Pelorus Group, in his white paper for Altitude Software Agents Desktops,The Contact Center Universal Remote suggests several important criteria to look for:


–Platform independence –Connectivity to all critical contact center and back office data bases –Ability to route and process multi-channel communications –The flexibility to make changes on the fly–Ability to support both inbound, outbound , and blended traffic–Most importantly – Ease of use


This white paper explores why the unified agent desktop can be considered the Contact Center Universal Remote

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