Using Speech Analytics to Measure Agent Performance Against Corporate Goals

The practice of using speech analytics to drive strategic process improvement in call centers has been proven effective and valuable.  The challenge arises when companies try to use existing agent quality management tools to tie into these same strategic objectives. Previous methods for performing quality management included random monitoring, automated score cards and the use of small sample sizes. Today, emerging trends in speech analytics can make agent performance management a key force in meeting corporate objectives. Customizable parameters are used to track and measure agent performance and results are displayed in easy to read dashboards and reports. And, with the use of an integrated system of speech analytics, trends can be continuously monitored so that corporate goals and agent expectations can be set accordingly.


Measuring agent performance and developing the appropriate training and coaching is difficult across multiple sites and teams.  With a complete analysis of all contact center activity, it is now possible to tell how agents throughout the company are performing against corporate objectives.  With speech analytics you’ll be able to improve satisfaction and reduce costs by targeting training and coaching to the initiatives that have the greatest impact on your customers.  On January 28th, CRMXchange and Nexidia will host a webcast on this topic.  It is easy to join this event: A New Approach to Quality – Using Speech Analytics to Measure Agent Performance Against Corporate Goals.

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