Building Blocks Remote Call Center Agents Programs

Remote call center agents initiatives have been a topic of conversation for years, but the execution of such programs on a large scale has proved daunting. There have been
countless pilots conducted – but the results have led to questions about how to scale these types of initiatives. In an effort to answer some of these questions, Knowlagent recently conducted a survey of more than 200 call center executives across a wide range of industries.

When evaluating whether or not an at-home agent workforce is right for your business, they suggest the following items to consider:

Calculate Expected ROI-Calculate the expected return on your investment
before you get started
Build a Project Team-Choose a cross-functional project team with representation from HR, IT, finance, legal, procurement and the call center.
Pilot the Program
Roll out in phases to allow you to validate assumptions and lower the perceived risk.

Once the waters have been tested with a first phase or pilot, and the ROI assumptions validated, the next hurdle is scalability.

Selecting the Right Agents
Keeping Agents Connected
Keeping Agents Informed

There is a lot of interest and a lot of questions on this topic: Can remote agents remain connected to your offerings and their team outside the center? How should they be managed? How should they be trained and coached? Read the white paper Building Blocks for a Solid Work At-Home Agent Program to help find answers to these questions.

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