Achieving First Call Resolution: The Presence-Enhanced Multimedia Contact Center

Many are familiar with the idea of presence at the level of what we call “device presence.” Examples of device presence include the busy lamp field on a telephone or online status for Instant Messaging. Essentially these tools show a user’s availability and perhaps their readiness for communication. But device presence only monitors the user’s presence from the standpoint of a specific device without providing status information about the user, particularly if they have stepped away from the device or are engaged in other activities that prevent readiness for communication. “User presence” is important to provide a more complete picture of the user’s status within the context of their work activities or physical environment. For example, in a customer contact center, it is helpful to aggregate a view of a team member’s voice presence status (talking, available etc.), as well as an overall presence status, such as “on break” or “in a meeting,” or “working on call follow up”.

It is also valuable to aggregate user presence across the multichannel contact center, such as voice, email, instant messaging or web collaboration. This way, you can identify that a user who is not available for voice communication may indeed be accessible by instant messaging or email. User presence offers a much more complete, holistic view of the presence status. Beyond that, Group or Team presence enables users to logically group and view the availability status of users based on their department, skill set or subject matter expertise. Then, communicating with an available member of the group can be initiated by a simple point and click using software-based collaboration tools. Siemens sees this as a sort of “presence pyramid” that, when used together, offer the potential to have a positive impact on business processes and employee productivity.

The new Siemens white paper, Achieving First Call Resolution:The Presence-Enhanced Multimedia Contact Center, illustrates the business value of deploying presence and collaboration tools in the contact center to improve productivity, reduce costs and raise both employee and customer satisfaction. Specifically, presence management – combined with the ability for contact handling agents to collaborate with others in the organization – yields higher first contact resolution, more efficient internal operations and encourages stronger customer relationships.

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