60% of Consumers Follow a Brand via Social Media, Most Because of Coupons or Promotions

According to a recent Empathica  study of 15,000 Americans and Canadians , it is revealed that consumers were very willing to follow brands, though most reported doing so in order to find coupons or deals. Six in ten consumers indicated they follow at least one brand via a social network like Facebook or Twitter. Forty percent of people reported doing so in order to search for coupons or promotions while 30% cited the desire to browse for additional information.

While couponing and promotion hunting is a primary driver of social behavior, the survey also found this habit was driving overall online behavior as well. Twenty-six percent of individuals also say they are specifically seeking more coupons online.Trust in social recommendations also appears to be increasing. The survey indicated that one in three respondents followed through with a friend’s recommendation received through a social media outlet like Facebook or Twitter. Americans appear to be more likely to make a recommendation through a social networking site than Canadians.
Twenty-five percent of Americans and 17% of Canadians said they had recommended a brand, product or service to a friend via social media within the last three months. Americans are almost twice as likely to follow 10 or more brands in social outlets than Canadians are. In fact, almost half of the Canadians polled didn’t follow any brands at all.

Of those who use social media, Facebook was the overwhelming social network of choice for both Canadian (64%) and American (67%) consumers.


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