Proactive Communications Assurance: Understanding the Advantages and Maximizing the Returns

Contact centers provide a critical business component, supplying consumers with a means by which to contact a company directly, as well as offering companies an opportunity to reach out to their customers. Outbound calling campaigns, known as “proactive communica1ons,” can be of great benefit to both consumers and the contacting organizations themselves.

Contact center solutions, such as proactive communications campaigns, can help organizations improve service while reducing the volume of incoming calls – a strategy known as “call avoidance.” A recent Forrester Research report stated, “Anticipating customers’ needs before they have to make a call not only saves money in handling customer calls but also creates interest in special marketing offers and services that your customers find valuable.”1

With a strong proactive communications strategy, companies can reach out to existing and potential customers to increase the businesses’ footprint and gain revenue. Organizations   wishing  to enhance their customer experience, that utilize this type of communication span a wide variety of verticals, including any companywith a call center, market research organizations, direct marketing businesses, utili1es, financial services, retail businesses, government organiza1ons, charities, and more.

With organizations increasingly looking for innovative ways to drive additional revenue, proactive communications has become a critical part of their business strategy.

Empirix has developed a paper to discuss in depth the advantages and concerns around proactive communications, as well as methods for alleviating those concerns.

1 Proac1ve Outbound No1fica1on Saves Money and Provides a New Level of Personalized Services to Customers, by Elizabeth Harrell with Robert Whiteley and Margaret Ryan, Forrester Research, Inc., February 19, 2009


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