2011 Contact Center Buying Criteria

According to Udi Ziv, President, Enterprise Product Group, NICE Systems, user buying criteria (what users are looking for) changed over the past few years?  If so, how?

Over the last few years we have seen a shift in buying priorities due to three key drivers:

• Data center consolidation – in a recent Ventana Research study, participants expressed that economy of scale opportunities for larger multi-site operations are being considered as they are migrating to VoIP, increasing home-based agents and monitoring more interactions at branch offices.

• Cross-channel solutions — we see that it is critical for any contact center to build a multiple interaction chain that can link interactions of any kind based on a common factor such as email, customer number or phone number.  With this in place, call recordings can be analyzed alongside any other form of interaction – email, SMS, social media, or chat.  In the past contact centers are have evaluated the cradle-to-grave phone experience.  Today, it’s vital that organizations bring silo-based interactions points together to visual all touch-points in one view.  Visualization of first “call” resolution drivers become first “contact” resolution drivers and service levels on the phone transform service levels at any channel.

• Optimizing/impacting interactions in real time  — speech analytics solutions of the past were always based on processed interactions from the past.  Today, real-time guidance solutions to the agent desktop for the “next best action” are transforming our industry and are driving a shift in buying priorities to maximize the ROI of interaction analytics.


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