Accelerating Call Center Monitoring Results and Workforce Optimization with Desktop Screen Analytics

Authored by Patrick Botz, Vice President of Solutions Marketing, VPI


Call center monitoring software is now a fundamental technology in virtually every competitive call center environment. As the economy begins to recover, 2010 is expected to be another tough year for enterprises, with contact center managers asked once again to reduce their operating expenses while improving the customer experience and satisfaction scores. They will be expected to achieve this goal with limited resources and without incurring any additional costs. This is why call center monitoring software has become so crucial for organizations of all types and sizes. To deliver on these key enterprise goals, contact center managers need to improve agent productivity without making major technology investments. The call center monitoring software solutions that most contact centers already have can play an important role in helping managers meet their corporate objectives.


Screen Analytics – An Inexpensive and Invaluable Adjunct to the Call Center Monitoring Process

Call center monitoring software solutions improve call quality and productivity by identifying the impediments that prevent agents from delivering an outstanding customer experience. The issues may be training-related, operational, procedural or systems-oriented, but most, if not all, can be resolved once they are identified. However, since traditional quality assurance is based on a random sampling of a small percentage of calls received by the department, important trends and improvement opportunities are often missed. In the past, contact center managers had little to no visibility into the performance of their desktop servicing solutions. They could see how each agent used their systems to address each call, but could not identify trends for the entire department, which is now possible with desktop screen analytics.


Desktop screen analytics software is a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-implement solution that can dramatically improve the effectiveness of the call center monitoring process by helping identify the calls or back-office transactions that will most benefit from management attention. Screen analytics extends the benefits of the mission-critical call center monitoring process while providing timely insights that can be of use to the entire organization. Enterprise and contact center managers who want to rapidly and cost effectively identify insights into customer needs and agent performance issues should seriously consider screen analytics.


Benefits of Call Center Desktop Screen Analytics

With regard to call center monitoring and performance optimization, Screen analytics solutions offer many significant benefits. The solution empowers managers to intervene in a timely manner – altering outcomes and changing contact centers from reactive organizations to proactive, engaged advocates. Screen analytics can help improve the customer experience, increase First Call Resolution, and reduce transfers, holds and call backs. In addition to boosting the effectiveness of call center monitoring processes, screen analytics can improve agent productivity, decrease the cost of service, identify agent training needs, and improve agent satisfaction. Furthermore, screen analytics can play a major role in increasing revenue and profitability, reducing risk by rapidly identifying inappropriate agent behaviors and performance, highliComplimentary White Paper: Accelerating Contact Center Monitoring and Performance Optimization with Screen Analyticsghting broken business processes, identifying “at-risk” customers while there is still an opportunity to retain them, and improving the customer experience.

Authored by leading industry analyst Donna Fluss of DMG Consulting, “Accelerating Contact Center QA and Performance Optimization with Screen Analytics” is a must-read whitepaper that offers valuable insights and advice that can help your organization survive and thrive in the year ahead. To Learn more about the value of Screen Analytics tools, download your complimentary copy of the white paper at  



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About the Author

Patrick Botz serves as Corporate Vice President of Solutions Marketing for VPI (Voice Print International), the leading provider of call center recording, call center monitoring and performance optimization solutions. Leveraging more than a decade of field experience as a CRM and contact center practitioner, he focuses on the mission-critical aspects of capturing customer intelligence and optimizing business processes and workforce performance. Patrick’s work has been published in Customer Inter@ction Solutions, Business Management, Contact Professional, Call Center Magazine, Connections Magazine and Contact Center World. Patrick holds an MBA from Pepperdine University and a BSE in Engineering from Arizona State University.

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