The Rise of Alternative Customer Communication Channels

A recent contact center study by Ventana Research shows that 44% respondents expect their customer interaction volume to increase in the next 12 months, compared to only 14% that expect to see an overall decrease. More interesting though are the reasons behind the expected growth, one of which is the expansion of contact channels. Contact center executives expect a massive growth in instant messaging (137%) and text messaging (128%), along with a modest growth of 11% expected for the use of email. Call centers are clearly transforming into contact centers.

Why do we care? Well, most contact centers do a pretty good job monitoring call interactions, keeping high quality of service, and tracking customer satisfaction. But what about emerging communication channels such as email and chat? 51% of contact centers don’t survey email interactions at all. The situation is even worst for chat interactions, with 63% not surveying these interactions. These findings raise important questions. How can we maintain a high level of customer satisfaction if it’s not even measured over channels such as email and chat? How can we promote first contact resolution across multiple channels? How can we make sure agents possess the unique communication skills for the channels they support?

 Multi-channel interaction analytics can help. By capturing and analyzing all communication channels using unified metrics and a shared methodology, contact centers can manage their customer experience across the different communication channels. Join our webinar to learn more.  For more information on this topic register for the webcast: Managing the Complete Customer Experience with Multi Channel Interaction Analytics presented by Aviad Abiri, NICE Systems

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